Our Tail Wagging Treats:

Are totally toothsome and nutritious..

We know our treats will make their tails wag

We want you to see what good quality treats you are buying so we have incorporated a window in each box. You can see the love and care taken to bake and pack these treats.

Why we are unique

Delicious crunchy biscuits. Our biscuit treats are hand made, sorted and packed with love and care – just as you would do for your best friend if you had the time.

About us

Quiet Brooke Trading, renowned for their yummy nutritious biscuit treats for pets, was founded in August 2006 with a big dream, just a little equipment and a lot of enthusiasm.

Since then we’ve worked on everything, from consistently fine tuning and improving our formulations thereby growing the Quiet Brooke product family so we have something for everyone.
We upgraded our factory several times so we could achieve everything we set out to do. While doing this, we learned a whole lot about what it takes to make the very best biscuit treats and what it all entails.

We are FSA certified.
Our factory is certified for Export to regions within the European Union.
We also adhere to HACCP precautions and procedures throughout our factory, with quality checks performed at various stages. This ensures that our products are as safe as they can possibly be.

Our Brands

Cuthbert’s Crunchy Oven Baked Biscuit Treats

Tail Wagging Treats For Your Best Friend!

Cuthbert’s Crunchy Oven Baked Biscuit Treats are very nutritious.

They are made with only the best ingredients selected specifically to suit the digestive system of your best friend and then oven baked.

The oven baking gives each biscuit the perfect texture to ensure a good gnawing action to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Probono Dog Treats

We set out to make the yummiest, tail waggingly nutritious biscuit treats for dogs…Delicious crunchy biscuits.

Probono biscuit treats are handmade, sorted and packed with love and care.
PROBONO biscuits: Pro is colloquial for the word “Professional”, Bono describes their bone shape which all dogs recognise.


We know how much you adore your kitty, and how much joy spoiling them brings you! We made it our mission, to create something for those special bonding moments, that is not just purr worthy but good for them too!

We also manufacture for other well known pet food brands and retailers. Kindly contact us for more information.

Brands we manufacture

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